The 48-square metre yoga and meditation hall is nestled in the state of the art modern newly constructed complex. This open and airy space allows you freedom of movement as you practice and learn all those yoga philosophies and techniques. There are provisions for fresh air as well as air conditioning to ensure optimum yoga practicing temperature.


The lounge is a socially cohesive space that is fully air conditioned and adjoins the main meditation hall. This space is ideal for those rainy days or hot summer afternoons with plenty of sitting space to catch up with the other guests or relax after a training session. It also houses the only satellite television connection for the retreat and provides for putting those long lost board game skills to test!

Pool deck

Our designer rooftop pool is the first of its kind in India and provides for a great opportunity to soak up the pleasant sunshine weather of Goa. It's perfect to relax in with a beer and lather up on that tan as the sun shines directly on the fresh water.


Sit back and enjoy delicious and super healthy food in our affordable yet creative kitchen bistro that tailor designs menus based on fresh locals produce in sync with the Ayurvedic diet principles. All accompanied and served with fresh herbs from our very own kitchen garden!
There's also plenty of artisan tea varieties and freshly whipped smoothies available for those daily nutrient boost and detox cravings.

Massage Therapy

Want to take it easy and derive the benefit from yoga class further? Indulge in some Ayurveda induced massage therapy with our expert in-house masseuse in the surrounds of the Portuguese heritage house.

Bhajan Room

Feel like you need to practice more or wind down before you go to bed? This high ceiling room in the old Portuguese heritage house is perfect for those group chanting energy flows or an impromptu Bollywood dance class!


What better way to make the most of being in Goa and soak in the fresh pollution-free weather than to chill in our lush landscaped gardens on the swing or the charpoys. Perfect accompaniment to a freshly brewed tea or a smoothie from our kitchen bistro.


A modern and fully equipped laundry space with fully automatic machines and drying facility so you can do it all in house and to your standard. This is also where you leave your soiled laundry and pick up those freshly laundered sheets and towels should you wish a change of sheets in your bedroom.